Thursday, June 12, 2008

A German Soft Drink Roundup

Mezzo Mix and Lift

Time for another local drink roundup. Neither of these were particularly memorable for me. The apple-flavored Lift drink on the right was rather watered down compared to Taiwan's Apple Sidra or Singapore's China Apple. Similarly, the orange flavored cola on the left really didn't have much of an orange flavor at all. Oh well.


melayudilondon said...

Great site! i wish you have a sidebar with all the classifications so I could jump about.

Anyhoo, the orange cola thingy is locally called spetzi in Germany. I miss it lots. How I wish I am in Bavaria eating lovely steak topped with fried onions

Amelia said...

Hi, I dig this blog! especially the documentation of packaged products and airplane food. i am very into that stuff myself. Also I envy your jetsetting. I am excited to hear there is a major Turkish population in Berlin- I didn't know. I keep a blog of my (currently more regional) adventures: Marinationwide

Drop me a line-I will keep tuning in!

Anonymous said...

hungry dude, LIFT is a drink german's usually call APFELSCHORLE which is usually 50% apple juice and 50% soda... therefore it might have tasted rather watery. anyways, you should have rather tried drinks such as BIONADE, which is an all organic soda with different flavors. also melon lemonade from FRITZ COLA is very awesome! when you're going to france definetily try ORANGINA, it's awesome!!!

much love and respect for you blog, dude! you should come to hamburg, next time you're in germany! i'll show you great places to eat :D