Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Manzanita Sol and Big Red Sodas

Manzanita Sol and Big Red sodas

Here's a couple more to add to the annals of local drinks. Manzanita Sol is an apple-based drink that Pepsi offers in Mexico, while Big Red is from a company in Waco, Texas. The former pretty much tastes like it sounds, although seemingly lighter in apple taste than Apple Sidra from Taiwan. The second one is a bit harder to describe...I can't quite place it. It's a bit like a cherry or strawberry soda; slightly creamy, and very artificial, but not bad at the end of the day. I'd probably still prefer the first out of these two though.


newnorth said...

nooo dude, Big Red is what you want! mmmmm Big Red on a hot day on Grandpa's porch! can't be beat.

Marita said...

Coke also has manzana lift in Mexico. That is what I am most looking forward to on my trip to Mexico this week!