Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Food Trucks at Off the Grid in Berkeley

The Off the Grid Mobile Street Food Market

That was pretty cool. We weren't originally intending to come here. We actually had reservations at Chez Panisse just down the street, but got up here early enough to check out what was on offer at this migrating food truck market beforehand.

Sadly, that also meant that we couldn't really eat from these trucks given the huge meal awaiting us at the restaurant. But it was an interesting selection of vendors ranging from burgers to Filipino food, as well as a truck called Brass Knuckle whose menu had some very enticingly sounding sandwiches. We ended up leaving with just a lemonade and cupcake.

Well, clearly this place is worth coming to again...and not necessarily the Berkeley version either, as it looks like these guys are usually in San Francisco. Hopefully they'll keep up the San Mateo nights over time too as that would be even more accessible.

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