Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top Dog and Blondie's Pizza in Berkeley

Hot Link

OK it's pretty clear now that that Top Dog in Hong Kong is unrelated to the real deal in Berkeley. There's a proper selection of quality sausages available here, including this Louisiana hot link whose salt, grease, and spices delighted us, especially when wrapped in a lightly toasted bun and topped with some simple mustard and kraut. Mmm...I can see why this would be a great post-drinking snack.

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza

We were still a bit hungry though, so we walked down to the corner of Telegraph and Durant for a slice of Blondie's. The selection was fairly limited today but I had them top this pepperoni slice with some mushrooms, which thus came out piping hot after they threw it back in the oven. The crust, while physically a bit thicker than I was thinking of, was still light and crunchy enough to gobble this up in seconds, even if I accidentally threw on a bit too much garlic powder. Yum again.

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JinSF said...

Glad to see you experienced two of Berkeley's finest. That's a double, but to get the triple, visit Fat Slice next time. Oh, I've got a Blondie's craving after reading this...