Sunday, November 28, 2010

Berkeley's Top Dog in Hong Kong?

Kraut Dog

I never had the chance to go to Top Dog in Berkeley, but it seems like every Cal alumnus I know can't stop raving about it. And I remember some of them saying years and years ago that they opened one in Hong Kong, and yet I still never got the chance to go. Today, as we went down to the Star Ferry terminal to cross the harbor, we noticed a Top Dog stand there (Shop D, Upper Deck, Central Pier 7, 2167-8991). Cool - the portions at Mak's were too small to last us anyway!

We grabbed that kraut dog pictured above as well as a bratwurst, the latter of which was more exciting given the delightful presence of crackling sprinkled on top. I wasn't a big fan of how cold they kept the pickles in the fridge but otherwise these things did the job. Now that I look at it again though, I don't think this is the same Top Dog as the one in Berkeley. Can anyone verify? We'll have to go there next time we're out there either way.


JinSF said...

Top Dog in HK would be awesome. I loved Top Dog as much as the next student at Cal, but I wonder if I liked it so much because of how inebriated I was whenever I went there.

In any event, I love your blog. Keep up the great reporting.

Rodney said...

Ah, the (sober) post-game meal! A hot link, a brat, spicy Russian mustard, a generic diet cola and free thinking via Cato Institute bulletins on the wall.

Is the logo the same? What kind of clippings did they have on the wall?

perpetualstudent said...

I don't think the logo is the same. There's another pic of the Top Dog in HK at