Friday, June 10, 2011

Gerry's Grill in the Philippines


No, those chili peppers didn't come with the chicharon bits. We ate the chili peppers with their famous inihaw na pusit grilled squid instead. But this just looked a bit more interesting, especially since it was my first time eating warmed up chicharon with a vinegar dip...and at a chain restaurant, of all places.

We also got some sisig, which I liked better here than last night as this was even crispier, and still just as sinfully greasy and salty (it's a good thing that I had a cholesterol test done *before* I arrived here). It was only when I looked it up online did I realize that these guys have since opened up branches back in California too.

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miko said...

They also opened a stall at Rasapura Masters in Marina Bay Sands.