Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Soulnese Truck in San Jose

Soul Stix and Mac N Roll

Time for more food trucks. And yes, these guys are doing a bit of that Asian fusion thing, but the good thing is that it's not necessarily that clich├ęd put-it-into-a-taco approach. These guys, as the name suggests, combine Chinese and soul food, which results in some interesting stuff.

Take, for instance, those Mac N Rolls in the white takeout box in the upper left corner. They were basically egg rolls stuffed with macaroni and cheese. These guys did it just right, with a thin crispy skin on the outside but warm rich mac and cheese oozing out from the inside. Awesome! It's a wonder that no one had thought of that before!

Unfortunately, I couldn't ladle the same amount of praise on the Soul Stix, or skewers of shrimp wrapped around a hot link. I was hoping for a spicier, perky dog, but these anemic-looking things just tasted like any other sausage. At least the shrimp was fresh, while the fried rice went down easily.

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