Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pink's Hot Dogs in Los Angeles

Spicy Polish Dog with Grilled Onions

We needed a snack this afternoon and were in the vicinity, so we made a quick run down to Pink's (709 North La Brea Avenue, 323-931-7594), especially since we hadn't been here in ages. Interestingly, Gloria Pink herself was there today, taking photos in that pink colored jacket that she wore on that Bourdain episode.

I got my usual spicy Polish dog, although I asked them to grill the onions this time, which surprisingly they wanted an extra charge for. Either way, this is still my favorite hot dog place in the world. The solid meat tube hit the spot, especially with those sport peppers (and despite that chili's slightly disturbing texture - it's as if they blended in bread crumbs to make it creamier or something).

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