Monday, June 27, 2005

Pink's hot dogs, LA


A 65 year old landmark in LA, this hot dog stand is still a beatup little shack with long lines for cheap cholesterol-clogging hot dogs (including for movie stars, who have their autographed headshots all over the walls). It's home to pretty outrageous ingredients like pastrami, bacon, and guacamole, as well as the usual chili, kraut, and cheese in all sorts of configurations. I got the spicy polish dog with chili, grilled onions, and mustard. The dog is great - a thick casing that pops juices all over when you bite in. The chili likewise has its radioactive orange grease color. They of course have the pickled peppers on the side to bite into too. Throw in an Orange Crush, and you're good to go.

This place is awesome, especially since it's open late, so it's great for post-drinking grease bombs.


The Bacon Babe said...

have heard many great things about Pink's for years and have wanted to go for some time. I will next time we're in LA. YUM, nothing like a loaded up greasy dog after a night of drinking!

Anonymous said...

Back in 2000, I drove ages through not very pleasant East LA and finally - well, an okay dog. Not sure if it was worth the queue and braving drive-by shootings for!

Anonymous said...

Yes those dogs still have a great snap and are greasy. I can't believe that I ate four at one sitting once in the early eighties. I still drink heavily, but I can't handle more than one of these babies, now. :(