Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sights from Austin on a Saturday

Hot Boiled Phở and Crawfish

Here were just a few things that I came across before leaving Austin today, the first of which was just a place that I happened to notice while driving by (it was too early in the morning to have gone in). Yes, the sign suggests that they managed to serve phở alongside Vietnamese-Cajun crawfish. How is that for one stop shopping? I thought that the Vietnamese-Cajun thing was more in Houston instead of Austin, but I suppose that they are not that far from each other.

Three Wishes

Next up were these stacks of Three Wishes at the flagship store of Whole Foods. The interesting thing was that these were $2.99 rather than the $1.99 that they are priced at back home in order to compete with Trader Joe's. Otherwise, this store was huge, with a lot of various cooked food counters for you to sit down at. It was almost like they were able to surround the supermarket with a bunch of stations from Marché.

South Texas Antelope Chili

Finally, I went to the downtown location of the Austin Sustainable Food Center's Farmers' Market. It was much smaller than I thought it would be: just two rows of a parking lot rather than the gigantic sprawl that we saw in Portland. But I managed to grab this bowl of South Texas Antelope Chili from a stall called Dai Due. It tasted as good as it looked, with a rich and crumbly cornbread to go along with it. Actually, those red chili peppers were more sour than they were spicy, but either way, it worked for me.

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