Saturday, January 15, 2011

CA Epilogue: Two Buck Chuck vs Three Wishes

Two Buck Chuck

I'm not much of a wine person. Or at least, I'm not that discerning about them. More often than not, the cheapest wine is good enough for me...which is why Trader Joe's Charles Shaw wine at $1.99/bottle in California was cool to find out about. (It's endearingly nicknamed Two Buck Chuck, and has a bit of a cult following too.) I didn't really have time to try this when I was back home, so we brought a bottle back to Singapore (under the duty free limit of course), along with a competing bottle of Three Wishes, which rival Whole Foods launched recently under a directly-aimed slogan of "Chuck the Chuck."

Three Wishes

And now, after having finally opened both bottles, I've determined that I prefer Three Wishes. Two Buck Chuck came off a bit on the harsh side, whereas Three Wishes was much more polished to me. Of course, I really don't know anything about wine, and that was only a comparison of their merlot, so maybe my preference would be reversed for other varieties. But I love this concept of low-priced, non-pretentious yet drinkable wines, and wish that we could get access to something like this over on the other side of the Pacific. It really is cheaper than water.

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