Saturday, September 10, 2011

Portland Farmers Market at PSU

Produce and Peppers for Sale

The Portland Farmers Market runs at several locations across the week, but Saturday at Portland State Universityu seems to be one of the biggest ones, and it was only a short walk from our hotel this morning. Just as one would expect from a farmers market, an array of fruits, vegetables, and flowers were available along with the occasional baker, spice guy, or jam lady.

Biscuit Sandwich with Buttermilk Fried Chicken

But obviously we were looking for cooked food, and the one with the longest line was clearly Pine State Biscuits, where one could get an artery-clogging piece of fried chicken shoved inside, along with the option of bacon, gravy, and egg - talk about a cholesterol bomb! Our version above was more minimalist without the latter three options, but in retrospect we should have gotten some gravy at least as this was a bit too dry to eat.

The Chili Pepper Roasting Machine

Another cool thing that we came across was a stall selling a variety of fresh chili peppers, be it bell, serrrano, or jalapeño. And even better was the fact that he was roasting them on the spot and selling them in little Ziploc bags. We grabbed some to go with a tasty artichoke tamale that I got separately, only to find that most of the peppers were pretty tame, aside from a jalapeño that caught me off guard with its flames. Anyway, this place was much better than the Portland Saturday Market across town, which was more of a county fair with its arts and crafts instead.

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