Friday, May 06, 2011

Gold Coast Dogs vs. America's Dog at ORD

Polish Dog

I needed to stop by Terminal 5 at O'Hare before checking in this morning, so I took advantage of my presence there to hit up Gold Coast Dogs at the food court again. This time I got the Polish sausage, which was delicious despite the fact that the guy burned the tail end of my dog to the point where it was split open. But it's precisely because these guys flame grill these things that I like them so much. Unfortunately, it was kinda sad that those tomato slices were - yet again - so pathetically wilted. It didn't suggest much care that these guys put into the food, but the sport peppers still provided a spicy kick that blew past any of those concerns anyway.

Chicago Dog

It was only on my way up from the shoe shine in the tunnel to the C gates in Terminal 1 that I realized that there was a big hot dog shop there called America's Dog (if it's been there for a while, then I must have been too distracted by the nearby Red Carpet Club or even the Billy Goat Tavern previously). Even though I didn't need anything more to eat, it was hard to resist when their signs boasted of being voted the number one hot dog in Chicago. I thus grabbed the namesake dog, which was not flame grilled and thus not that much different to me than the many other stands around the airport. But it would be interesting to try some of the other stuff on the menu, which seems to include varieties like a deep fried hot dog as well as one slathered in buffalo wing sauce. Mmm...

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