Thursday, April 29, 2010

More From Billy Goat Tavern at O'Hare

Polish Sausage

I told you I'd be back. At first, I grabbed a Polish sausage, figuring that they would do it up Chicago-style. Instead, it came out as nothing more than just a grilled dog in a bun. I guess it shouldn't have been that surprising given the very spartan approach that these guys take with burgers. And just as with those cheeseburgers, I had to use the very limited condiment station to dress it up. So despite the Billy Goat Tavern being the Chicago-based icon that it is, this thing was not a Chicago-style dog. It was tasty though.

Italian Beef

After getting some work done in the lounge, I went out to the gate for boarding, only to realize that the flight was delayed nearly an hour. Well, that was the perfect chance to head back here to grab an Italian Beef, especially since that Polish dog wasn't quite enough. Their Italian Beef wasn't drenched in as much juice as the one I had at Al's #1, but the giardiniera hot peppers still helped make this otherwise plain sandwich a pleasure to eat, all to be complemented with some Old Style beer (hey, it sure beats PBR).

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sugarmeg said...

usually when you order an italian beef sandwich you have to tell them you want it dipped (or double-dipped) in the delicious meat juice. For example I say "italian beef, dipped, sweet with mozz" when i order because i prefer the sweet peppers, juicy with mozzarella cheese.

p.s. i'm a big fan of yours!