Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gold Coast Dogs at Chicago O'Hare Airport

Gold Coast Char Dog

I finally made it over to Terminal 5 (773-462-0125) at O'Hare in order to find out why these Gold Coast guys had won so many awards. It was definitely a step up from the everyday carts in the rest of the airport (despite the wilted appearance of that tomato slice), as the dogs came with the option of being char grilled. Next time I'm interested in trying some of their other stuff, like the jumbo dog, Polish dog, and even Italian Beef. And hopefully it will be easier to find the one in Terminal 3 rather than having to take that airport tram all the way over to the International Terminal.

Note to self: the RCC at the lower end of the B gates has good Boingo reception whereas the one at the C gates does not, so go to the former first before going through the tunnel if you have a C gate flight.


JX said...

Oh, whenever I transit in Chicago (which happens every summer), I'll get myself one of the sausages. Not a big hotdog fan.

Dennis K. said...

I had these at Midway airport! Definitely beats what's offered at the other stalls.. I still have that paper wrapper that I kept as a souvenir. I'm such a nerd! :)