Friday, August 17, 2007

Mixing an Egg into my Chelo Kebab

Chelo Kebab Soltani with Egg

I love Persian food, so I try to head to places like Banoo as much as I can. And I always ask for raw onions to go with my koobideh (it's just not the same without it). But apparently there was another ingredient that I was missing out on: an egg. "An egg?," I asked. Yup - I was told that after mixing the butter into the rice, one then mixes a raw egg yolk in too. Cool! This I had to try.

While it did add a mild degree of soothingness to it all, I think I actually prefer to have my rice without it. Why? The egg tended to mask the taste of the butter, one of the best parts of eating the rice (evil grin). Still, that was good to try, and definitely wasn't anything that I minded. Perhaps it'd be healthier if I used the egg yolk *instead* of the butter.

Separately, Banoo is providing a huge cup of some kind of chutney-like thing on the side by default now. I say chutney-like because its minty and mildly sour taste was reminiscient of Indian chutneys. But this one also had a heavy dose of chili peppers mixed in (perhaps to appeal to local palates?), and actually worked really well. Normally I'd prefer to stick to my raw onions, but this is a good substitute if I don't want to go home with Dragon Breath.

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Can you tell me where Banoo is? Thanks!