Saturday, August 19, 2006

The "Big" Koobideh from Banoo

The Big Koobideh

Banoo is doing a larger sized koobideh now if you ask for it. It's still a tad thinner than the full-fledged deal, but it's good enough for now. Today's rice was a tad drier than I would have hoped too, but they're also giving a fatter cut of butter to go into it.

We also tried the maast o khiar and the mirza ghasemi. The former was a garlic yogurt dip while the latter was a warm eggplant and garlic-based starter that was a special for today. They were both fine, but my main draw here is still the koobideh. I wonder if that new Persian place at Clarke Quay is open yet or not.


Kyo said...

How much do they charge for the larger one?

bma said...

S$18.50 (US$10.90), which I think is just a few bucks more than the small one.

LiquidShaDow said...

This looks good. Seems to be much better priced that Shiraz. I think I shall pay it a visit one day. :)