Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fish Soup from An Ji in Chinatown

Fish Fillet Noodle

Yep, it's back to Singapore, and back to fish soup again. Tonight we headed over to An Ji in Chinatown, where - among many other things on the menu - was a listing for fish soup. But rather than get the standard sliced fish version, I opted for something they called fish fillet noodles, which came with thick chunks of fish that appeared almost chicken breast-like. They seem to have been stir fried in sesame oil and white pepper first, giving this bowl a fragrant aroma that resonated instantly with me.

It was distinctive enough that this immediately leapt to the top of my list of favorite fish soups around town...and the fact that the tasty broth didn't use milk was all the more impressive (it's interesting that there are so many variations of this dish - it's almost as if one could build a museum showcasing all of the varieties). This was only the cheapest S$5 (US$3.45) version too...I wonder what the top-end S$15 (US$10.35) version gets.


Anonymous said...

is this stall in the second floor chinatown hawker center?

Apocalypta said...

Since you're on a bit of a fish soup bender, you might want to try fish head steamboat. Don't let the name fool you at my fave, Nan Hwa Chong (814/816 North Bridge Road, tel: 6297 9319, corner coffee shop opposite Textile Centre). Pick one from a variety of fish like red snapper, garoupa and pomfret (which I like). The soup and ingredients come *already cooked* in a charcoal steamboat, with loads of fish slices, some fish head bits, fried yam slices, veg and seaweed, and those crunchy salt fish bits you find in your Tai Hwa bak chor mee. Fantastic stuff! I'm drooling as I write this! There's also a zi char menu, which is adequate but ordinary compared to the soup. Yum.

Audrey said...

i like the one at Zion Road Food Centre, Stall #01-08 - Hock Heng Fish Soup. i'm there almost every weekend for the slice fish mee hoon soup. generous potions of fresh fish & rice is free of charge. think they only operate from thu-sun now.

Anonymous said...

That fish sure does look meaty. Was it quite heavy considering that it was a fish dish?