Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yi Jia Teochew Fish Porridge & Soup

S$7 Pomfret Fish Soup

Located right next to Buddy's Suki Soup at Maxwell Food Centre stall 66 was this fish soup stall. Featuring an assortment of seafood on ice in the glass counter, freshness was the key to its popularity, regardless if one gets the cheapest S$3 (US$2) bowl like I got yesterday, or if one upgrades to the S$7 (US$4.80) pomfret version in the oval-shaped bowl like I got today.

One might argue that the soup was a bit bland, but the thing that I really liked about this place was the Teochew condiments like salted beans and shredded ginger (or even raw garlic if you're not working that day), which helped to break the monotony. They also tossed in one or two small pieces of dried fish bits to give it a bit of an edge.

And while the quality of place's ingredients definitely makes it one of the better shops around town, my preference is still for Han Kee at Amoy Street. All of the bones in Yi Jia's premium pomfret version made the thing a bit frustrating to eat too. Next time, I'll just stick to the cheap stuff.


Ingenue said...

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Anonymous said...

Yi Jia is way overpriced. I agree the condiments are nice, but the amount of (non-pomfret) fish they give, compared to Han Kee, is a joke.

Cons said...

I love Yi Jia. you can actually ask them to give your just the pomfret fish slices. The veggie they use is a popular item for steamboat during CNY.