Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Han Kee, Amoy Street Food Centre

Fish Soup

No, this isn't turning into a fish soup blog. But with Amoy Street Food Centre not far from the office, I headed out to this shop (Telok Ayer Street #02-129) on the word of a previous tip.

I'm glad that I came, as the fish was fresh and sliced in generous portions. While the broth wasn't the naturally white color that I look for, it was still a bit murky and full of much that I slurped down the whole bowl in seconds without even noticing the difficulty of trying to eat the thick bee hoon noodles with chopsticks.

Now, this dish isn't exactly anything that I'll go nuts for, but it is healthy, and this shop was better than some of the others that I've had so far. Too bad that they are only open from 10-3 Monday to Saturday. Note to self: eat something else next time too, since this stuff burns off in your stomach very quickly.


ceadsearc said...

Hey eatbma;

amoy street is a treasure trove of great eats! in fact, here are some other stalls which you might like to try:
a) Yuan Chin Lor Mee - level 2 on the right side - very good lor mee
b) Hoo Kee Dumplings - bak chang, traditional pork dumplings,level 1
c) zhen jie desserts - traditional ah balling (peanut, sesame), desserts.
d) fried kway teow downstairs
e) another nice fish soup - piao ji fish soup - level 2.
f) coffee break - great coffee.

Anonymous said...

What's special about this store's fish soup is that the fish slices are very smooth. You don't get this kind of smoothness else where.

Anonymous said...

This is anony from the previous post. Glad you like fish soup here. You could ask for the skinny beehoon next time. I personally prefer this to Piao Ji coz the latter's soup contains lard bits (I think) which makes it a tad less healthy.

Lizzie said...

hey found your blog, great reviews..

for fish soup, you should try the stall on boon tat street, near cecil street. that's my all-time favorite.

Kathy said...

I think you could be hungry much faster as the glycemic index of this dish is pretty high and there's not enough fibre.

There's a stall at Amoy Street hawker centre, #01-34, they sell Cantonese style steam rice. The taste is more subtle than what you can find elsewhere, somewhat similar to home cooking. Some of the soups are good too, just be careful you don't get the herbs you don't like.

TC said...

Sincerely, I have been a huge fan of your blog for years!! As a Singaporean, I appreciate your varied posts on local food! Well done!!

Good to see you work near Amoy Street Food Centre. So do I. Lots of super food there.

May I introduce you to my favourite stall, Teo Heng on the ground floor. They sell Teochew Porridge. They are living proof you only need to do a few things super well.

Order a fresh fish that is boiled on high heat with kiam chye (salted veggies), try their stewed egg (yolk is half cooked), braised pork (one of the best in Singapore I dare say), sotong (super fresh with their special dip).

Expensive for a hawker stall if you order the fish. But its lovely! I was in Shanghai in May and missed it! Which is saying something given how nice the food is there!


Femaleclaws said...

Been visiting your blog every so often, and saw that you saw 3 posts in a row abou sliced fish soup.

Don't know if you'd try, but Tong Seng near Bugis (opp. Mos Burger, across the road) is a Halal Chinese food place, and I love the slied fish soup with kway teow, and milk. You can omit the milk and go for beehoon I guess, seems like the way you like to go for it :D

Anonymous said...

This is truly the best fish bee hoon I've ever tried. Their standard have not been compromised all these years. The fish are fresh and without any hint of fishy taste. The only drawback is that one of the lady staff there is quite rude.

Bridal Makeup Hair Artist said...

Hi may i know what type of this fish name? swordfish or king mackerel or tilefish? I must avoid coz i am pregnant. Pregnant cannot eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish!

bma said...

I have no idea, but I assume that it's a local fish rather than any of those that you mentioned.