Monday, October 27, 2008

A Teochew-Style Steamed Fish

Teochew Steamed Fish

Here's a Teochew-style fish from...well, the Teochew Cuisine Restaurant in Singapore. I love this style of steamed fish, as the tomatoes, pickled veggies, and plums produce a mildly sour broth that does not overpower the naturally delicate taste of the fish itself. The light flavor nicely complemented the shiitake mushrooms and tofu garnishes on the side too.

Now, they provided a number of sauces to go with the fish here, consisting of a variety of vinegar, ginger, chili, or salted bean concoctions. But I was really here for the thin broth that the fish sat in, slurping it all up like a soup. I just need to remember to drink it more quickly next time; waiting until I'm done with the fish first just meant that the broth got cold. Either that or just go to a place that puts the fish on a burner instead.


tom said...

Wow, that thing looks like a whole little monkfish, sometimes called "poor man's lobster" in the atlantic east of the US. Firm flesh, that stands up well to boiling, and good in chowders and fish stews etc... They (monkfish) taste great, but they sure are ugly to look at. Don't know if I could eat one while it was staring me back in the face like that, ( with that big "toothy" grin.) I hate to say it, because I'm, pretty sure it's not what you intended, but that photo makes a pretty good halloween picture. ( Just imagine this spoken to children at the dinner table - "eat your fish, kids, before it eats YOU,

By the way, I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into it. You are responsible for causing many a late night snack on my part.

J.O. said...
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bma said...

Thanks for the kind words and offer, but I'll respectfully decline. I've removed your comment so that you don't get spammed.

J.O. said...

Aww shucks, too bad. But happy eating and writing anyway!