Thursday, October 16, 2008

Teochew Cuisine Restaurant, Singapore

Teochew Cold Crab

There are no bonus points given for guessing what kind of food the Teochew Cuisine Restaurant serves (413 River Valley Road, 6738-0020). Actually, I avoided this place for a very long time, mainly because of a horrible experience with a fish soup thing that was served from the window facing the street. But there was a proper restaurant in the back with a full menu, and tonight I came down here to get one of those quintessential Teochew dishes: cold crab.

Maybe I got one of the last ones before they refreshed their inventory for the weekend or something, but my crab could have been a bit fresher. Still, the relatively fine meat easily slid out of the appendages in solid chunks, so it worked in the end, especially when dipped into the Chinese vinegar and ginger on the side. Clearly this little thing wasn't going to get me full though, so the waitress recommended some venison fried rice, which went down easily and helped to close out the meal.

It was all light and refreshing, and I suppose that it could be a local alternative to dungeness crab from back home. Sure, I could go to The Big Bird too, but I like the ginger/vinegar thing here (the Thousand Island dressing was a bit of a weird one though). Hopefully next time they won't be sold out of the steamed pomfret like they were tonight.


limleen said...

is it at robertson quay there ?

Anonymous said...

The cold crab at East Ocean restaurant is great .. take the flower crab