Saturday, June 17, 2006

Cold Crab from the Big Bird

Cold Crab

We went back to The Big Bird today, where I gave the cold crab a shot. I had seen cold crab around in Singapore occasionally, but it was never really that commonplace. Thinking of my favorite Swan Oyster Depot back home though, I figured I'd give it a try. This actually wasn't all that different, although instead of melted butter, one got the Big Bird's chili sauce. This sauce was actually specially made for the crab, thus being sweeter than the sauce they have for the chicken. It was still pretty spicy, but admittedly I like the sauce for the chicken better.

Chicken PorridgeOne thing about crab is to never eat it when you're hungry, as the cracking process takes forever for just a little bit of meat (and these were small crabs too - not the big Sri Lankan crabs used in chili crab). Not surprisingly, I was still a bit hungry afterwards, so I grabbed some of their chicken porridge. This was sludged up the way I like it, but the taste just wasn't as full as places like Ho Kee at Maxwell Road. I'll probably pass on this next time, just sticking to the chicken rice and crab.

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