Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kushigin Japanese Restaurant

From left: negima, asupara maki

From left: negi, ebi, and shiitakeI noticed this place (5 Koek Road #01-01/02, 6238-6860) a while back when I passed through Cuppage Plaza, but the place was new and still hadn't opened yet. So I made a note to myself to come here later, and tonight, I finally did. I was intrigued by the thought of another yakitori joint, and wondered if it could be as good as Nanbantei. Little did I know. When I walked inside, I was surprised: hey - that's the guy from Nanbantei behind the yakitori grill! Yayy!! We recognized each other and smiled (cue the theme song from Cheers).

Daikon Sarada

Yaki OnigiriAll my usual favorites were there, including asupara maki, negima, and shiitake, and they were all done just as well as Nanbantei, if not better. My usual daikon sarada was also outstanding: a good sesame aroma without being too sour. And the yaki onigiri was done just like Nanbantei: cylindrically. Wow; it's like the old Nanbantei I used to know.

Ume OchazukeEven the ochazuke was super fragrant, with yummy sesame seeds and seaweed. The only letdown for me was the fact that they had run out of my favorite kawa chicken skin tonight, which was a bummer. But that just means that I'll have to come back here again soon, especially given how my last experience at Nanbantei was oddly not up to scratch.


mel said...

wow! thanks for the update. am a fan of the old Nanbantei. will definitely check this place out. its in Cuppage Plaza right?

blueblood said...

your blog is simply awesome! I'm totally inspired by you so much so that i'm contemplating to convert my own blog into a food blog. I will surely visit some of your recommendations (provided that it doesn't blow my budget!)

bma said...

Thanks. Yes, it's at Cuppage Plaza.

joone! said...

have you been to Kazu on the 4th floor? I was recently there and it was fantastic!