Saturday, December 10, 2005

Izakaya Nijumaru

Hamachi Sashimi and Hiyayakko

YakitoriNijumaru (Cuppage Plaza #02-10/12, 6235-6693) has been here for a while, and is just your typical izakaya, serving a variety of little Japanese dishes and drinks. I used to come here quite a bit in the past (it's a nice place for maguro natto and niku jyaga), but admittedly, I haven't been here in a while as nothing really stands out about it either.

Zaru sobaFor instance, the soba is still a far cry from Shimbashi Soba, while the yakitori, although nice and small, does not come close to Nanbantei. Still, one very impressive thing today was the hamachi sashimi, which was not only very fresh, but was also one of the thickest cuts that I had ever seen. (This was quite a relief considering that I originally came down to Cuppage Plaza to try to hit up a light meal of Azuma's sushi, only to discover that they are only open for dinner.) Anyway, Nijumaru still ranks well in my books as being a relatively dependable all-purpose spot to go to; I'd like to come back for that sashimi again.

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Gary said...

hey, since you like japanese food so much, why havent you review onf th ebest places for japanese sushi and sashimi?
i'm sure you've heard fo this place?
--- Tatsuya at Crown Prince Hotel