Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nanbantei, Far East Plaza

Daikon Sarada

This had always been one of my favorite places: top-quality yakitori with great service, albeit at expensive Japanese prices. I hadn't been here in a while, but all that talk about daikon sarada prompted me to come here (Far East Plaza #05-132, 6733-5666). Sure enough, the daikon sarada at Nanbantei remains the king out of all those other places lately, featuring fresh ingredients in moderation accompanied by two mild yet tasty dressings (they had a spicy miso dressing a couple years ago that was really nice, but they seem to have taken it away).

KawaAnyway, the point of coming here is obviously more for the yakitori, which, as I mentioned, is top-notch. Don't come here with preconceived notions of yakitori based upon experiences at that fast-food Tori-Q chain (yes, the one with that automatic grilling and dipping machine in the window) as this is worlds apart. Witness the kawa (chicken skin): it's crispy with lots of tasty fat, bringing it leaps and bounds beyond soggy Tori-Q. Everything else simply kicks ass on this menu too, be it in the asupara maki, nasu, yaki onigiri, or otherwise. It's also nice to be able to start and end the meal with non-yakitori items too, like maguro natto and ochazuke.

Yaki OnigiriThis place was recently recognized by the Tatler, which, unfortunately, also brought crowds with it, and thus makes it a lot harder to get seating at. Today's food quality was also a bit off: the ebi wasn't as fresh as it usually is. I hope this isn't the result of the Tatler recognition. It'd be a shame if it were.


Daryl said...

The yakitori IS excellent - I didn't know it was in Tatler - hope that doesn't spoil things.

ikeman said...

i dont know what to say, just went there tonight, and the quality wasnt what i expected... thought Kushigin tasted much better than Nan!!
the place certainly isnt crowded -- at leats not tonight (Mon).. and the Kawa is a little too overburnt in my opinion. yes it's supposed to be crispy, but i wasnt expecting to see some black charred bits at the tip!!