Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ah Mei Kaya Toast

Spreading Kaya - that green stuff

Kaya ToastHere's a local speciality: kaya, which is a light green colored jam made from coconuts and eggs. Spread it on toast with a chunk of butter, and you've got kaya toast, a popular breakfast here. There are famous shops around the island; here is a lesser known one at Paragon #B1-37/38.

It may not look like much in the photo, but it sure is good (then again, I guess anything with butter tastes good - and they are excessively gratuitous with the butter on these little bad boys). It's not terribly sweet, and yet it's rich in taste.

Soft Boiled Eggs - with soy sauce and pepperIt's also common to eat soft boiled eggs and tea (with milk) at breakfast. I guess it's a carryover from the English colonial days (?), but note that it's not without localization: you are supposed to season it with soy sauce and white pepper. All in all it's a light meal though. Hey - what time does lunch start??

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ady said...

It's also good to dip plain toast into the egg.