Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Milan Shokudo in Singapore

Basil Prawn Pasta

How fascinating it is to see that Saizeriya has spawned imitators, like this chain from the JFH people. They copied it all the way down to the drink bar and menu categories like doria and meat on hot plates. Alas, there were some differences, most notably in that it is halal, so there is no cheap Saizeriya wine available. The pasta here is handmade (which kinda makes sense considering all of the ramen franchises they run), but mine was totally overgarlicked, and the salad selection was limited too. No, I didn't like this place, and am still worried about whether they will mess up Hototogisu.

Epilogue: I just realized that they have a non-halal version of this shop called Romana at Funan, complete with bacon-topped salads and beer. I am not getting my hopes up but am kinda curious.

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