Saturday, November 26, 2022

Lucky Her Kiao off Balestier Road

Her Kiao

One thing that really doesn't get enough attention is the Teochew herh keow dumpling with its chewy fish paste-based wrapper. Sure, one usually gets some in a bowl of noodles, but the dumplings are never really the focal point. Fortunately, one of the Song Kee family folks makes them by hand and sells boxes out of a freezer in a little shop at One Dusun Residences, which I happened to be at this morning (1 Jalan Dusun #01-01, 9830-1661).

There are a number of fillings available, but he doesn't serve hot food on-site, so one has to bring those dumplings home and heat it up yourself. I'd much rather leave it in the hands of professionals, as I used a fish-based stock as that ended up being too much fish in one go (i.e., a fish-based filling wrapped in a fish paste skin and dunked in a fish-based broth). But I will go back to get more, espcially to try the pork filling instead.

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Jane said...

The pork (with extra teepoh), prawn, scallop, grouper ones are supposed to be the famous ones.