Saturday, November 26, 2022

A Late Night Snack at Ng Kuan Chilli Pan Mee

Signature Ban Mian

The Yaowarat folks have a small chain of Malaysian ban mian shops called Ng Kuan, and I stopped by an outlet for a late night top-up. It probably doesn't look like much above, but all of the seasoning was underneath the noodles. So after a big stir, one ended up with exactly the sodium and fat-laden bowl of carbs that my tummy was seeking. Those fried garlic chips were pretty thick BTW.

Deep Fried Beancurd and Boiled Lala with Garlic and Chili

It wasn't just noodles on the menu BTW. There were veggies and other things that you could get on the side. Boiled clams probably don't sound very exciting, but they were delicious after a quick dip into soy sauce with some chili. The soup version of noodles here hit the spot tonight too.

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