Saturday, November 05, 2022

Lerouy 2.0, and In Person This Time

Norwegian Langoustine, Castaing Foie Gras, Verjus, Beetroot

I tried Lerouy's food during the lockdowns, but never made my way over to eat at his counter-style open kitchen until tonight (104 Amoy Street, 6221-3639). He has a new location just a couple of streets down, which he cheekily calls Lerouy 2.0, and as one would expect of a Michelin-starred place, it's upscale and polished, with the plating of each dish arranged like art pieces.

My favorites of the night included that delicate langoustine above, which came complete with foie gras as well as a small cup of langoustine "cappucino" that was deliciously savory and buttery. The products were all of very high quality, be it the scallop, veal sweetbread, red mullet, or duck. He served his signature cabbage and bread too.

One thing I realized this time though is that many of the dishes were more heavily seasoned than I would've expected, with a number of them having an acidic lean. I couldn't help but wonder how the food would've turned out with a lighter touch, but everything still came together well. And of course the service was very attentive too.

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