Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Go! K-BBQ on Amoy Street in Singapore

The name of this place may sound tacky, but it's always packed (76 Amoy Street, 6423-0308). It looked like it was because they age their own meat, and the prices were up there too. But I was able to apply my usual hack of going for cheaper lunch sets today, where I got this woosamgyeop and sogogi muguk set. The meat was pre-cooked for you and was laced with a slightly sugary marinade, but not excessively, and it was still tender and delicious enough to eat quickly. I was also happy to find that there was scorched rice at the bottom of the pot to scrape off and throw into the stew. I'd like to come back to try some of the other items, including not just from the lunch menu, but also the full-priced dinner.

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