Monday, May 30, 2022

Zheng Swee Kee at Burlington Square, Singapore

Chicken Rice

Swee Kee was allegedly one of the pioneers of chicken rice way back in the day before they shut down, and I think this shop is an offshoot of it (175 Bencoolen Street #01-34, 6336-1042). There is also a Sing Swee Kee out on Seah Street, presumably part of a family rivalry. Either way, I managed to eat at both within the past 24 hours, and Zheng Swee Kee was better, mainly because their chili sauce was more potent. But the meat at both shops was tougher than I thought they would be, and I also didn't really care for the rice at either one. That means that I'd rather go elsewhere, but at least neither of them drowned their meat in a sweet sauce.

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