Saturday, November 13, 2021

Fruit Pai (Pinguopai) at Funan in Singapore

Fruit Party

At first glance, this looked like any other fruit stand (107 North Bridge Road #B2-K17). But upon closer inspection, there was something different going on. Not only were they assembling them into bowls, but one gets dips like galangal powder and even a xiangsu lajiaofen chili powder.

It turns out that this is a Chaoshan dish called gancao shuiguo. The fruit is dressed in a licorice and plum mixture, giving it a tangy and slightly salty taste, similar to Mexican fruit cocktails. But instead of lime-centric Tajin, the powder that came with this one is an earthy Chinese mixture.

I'm not sure how true to form this rendition is (some videos that I saw from China showed the use of cilantro and sesame seeds, and some only featured a plum powder). But yes, I liked it, and I'm definitely going back. I wish that I had known about this earlier, especially before our last trip to Shantou.

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