Friday, October 08, 2021

5 by Sans Façon at Southside's Interim Market, Sentosa


An upscale hawker center-like concept has opened at Siloso Point in Sentosa (80 Siloso Road, 6395-6890). They haven't fully opened yet, so the food choices were pretty limited, but the bar was flowing with both craft beer and cocktails on tap. And one of the stalls, a French place from up in Seletar, had these delicious mussels. The bivalves were tiny yet delightfully briny, going nicely with that savory and thin cream broth. The fries were a yawner, but I'd still rather come here than BTM. More importantly, I need to come back here to give 4 AM Pizza a try. Bizzarely, you couldn't order from their stall if you walked in, as they only served people with reservations.

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