Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Wednesday Set Menu from Bar-A-Thym

Wednesday Set Menu

Yay, Bar-A-Thym is still doing those awesome S$35 (US$26) weekday set menus, albeit only from Tuesday to Friday now. Today's package included that beef tataki at the bottom to start, followed by that red snapper above it, and a small Eton mess to finish it off. I gobbled it all down given how tender and delicate yet refreshingly satisfying it all was (nice hints of citrus), all while featuring quality ingredients. I'm eager to try the menus for the other days, although I need to remember to have some wine and bread standing by to go along with it.

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Zeekco said...

ive always wanted to try bar-a-thym, so that s good to know they have lunch takeaway offering. will need to check it out one day!!