Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Chengdu Bowl by Taikoo Lane Hotpot, Chinatown Point

Classic Sour Fish Bowl

Hotpot places probably aren't doing too well under current dining restrictions. So it was pretty cool to see how the Taikoo Lane Hotpot guys adapted by basically using their usual ingredients to create what they call "Sichuan-style poke bowls."

Now, let's be clear that this clearly isn't poké, as the fish above is cooked. The fiber and rice underneath are all pre-configured too. You basically just choose your protein, which includes something that looked like laziji and even cumin-spiced lamb (think: chuanr), among many others.

My selection today was the suancaiyu above, which obviously is not the same thing without the broth. That green chili on the right wasn't spicy either, and this is not something that I would get excited about under normal circumstances. But I was happy to have brought this back to the office today.

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