Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Trying All of the Cuts of Lamb at Kuaile Xiaoyang

Lamb Shoulder Hot Pot

So I've been coming back to Happy Lamb enough to have gone through several other items on the menu, including all of the different cuts of lamb. And after all of that I can say that the best cut is...not that shoulder meat above, as it was cut very thick (and yes, the staff delivered it to you propped up on a bookstand like that). Basically, all of the other cuts, including the chef's selection, the premium marble cut, the rib meat, and their namesake rolls, were all delicious, even if many of them were so thin that they nearly fell apart in the broth. Speaking of the broth, I was very happy with the very savory zibu nourishing version, as well as of course the spicy and pickled veggie one too. The dumplings were fine, but were a bit too filling, so I'll probably pass on those unless I'm really hungry. I wonder how their beef fares.

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