Friday, October 30, 2020

Reiwa Soba on Kelantan Road in Singapore

Reiwa Pork Soba

This is actually my third time here (28 Kelantan Road #01-121). But they were closed the first time and sold out the second time, so at least I finally got to eat the food today. And that's after waiting 40 minutes despite getting here at their opening hour.

What's the big deal? It used to be a Thai stall at a random open air coffeeshop until a Japanese couple decided to partner up to make soba on-site along with a spicy tsuyu to go with it. There were also daily options for a local dip like bak kut teh or Thai green curry.

Yes, it was good enough to finish, but I won't wait that long for it again. The tsuyu wasn't as punchy as I had expected, and the mango salad didn't stand out either. The best thing was the fresh soba itself, but I'd only get it again if I didn't have to wait.

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