Sunday, October 25, 2020

China's Qin Ji Rougamo is in SIngapore

Roujiamo and liangpi

Presumably this place has nothing to do with the similarly named Xun Qin Ji in Tiong Bahru. But it does seem to be a chain from China, with one outlet at Alexandra Retail Centre (460 Alexandra Road #01-33, 6970-9597) and another one opening at One Raffles Place soon.

As the name suggests, the specialize in roujiamo. And what surprised me was how light and flaky the bread was, making it much better than the usual dense stuff. But what I didn't like was the filling, which came in a brown gravy. Sure, that kept it moist, but it almost seemed more like an Australian pie than roujiamo, which I would rather have spiked with lots of red chili oil instead. Nonetheless, the crispy bread kept it fun enough to ingest quickly.

And yes, I got a bowl of liangpi to go with it. They included some crunchy soybeans in there for some added texture, and it was rather garlic-heavy too. I'd be interested in coming back to try their other soups and roujiamo fillings.

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