Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Menya Kanae Hokkaido Tonkotsu Ramen House & Cafe

Birikara the Spiciest Miso Ramen

I'm not completely sure about the background of this place, but it seems to be a local chain that the Kokoro folks started. They have an outlet at Hokkaido Marche (I think they took over Shirakaba Sansou's stall), and also have a larger cafe at Novena Regency (275 Thomson Road #01-08, 6261-6205).

They said that they created "the spiciest miso ramen" above for local palates. It was spicy, but it was sheer heat without much else to make it exciting. The gyoza were rather sad too. I'm not getting either of these again, but I'm kinda curious about their zangi, as it comes served on waffles if you'd like.

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