Friday, June 26, 2020

SHAO Seafood Restaurant in Singapore

Shao Signature Crab

I heard about these guys during my hunt for cold Teochew crab over the past few months (117 Frankel Avenue, 6610-9233). But what caught my eye even more here was not their cold crab, but their signature crab featuring "pepper, salt, and unagi sauce in Japanese style." I wasn't quite sure what the last part meant, but I was curious.

To my surprise, the crab arrived hot. And the unagi sauce was not the thick sweet stuff that one usually associates with unagi (or if it was, they barely applied any). That's a really good thing, since the crab itself was awesome with its generous abundance of rich and creamy yellow roe; the last thing I'd want is for some sweet sauce to cover it up. The savory taste of the crab meat and tomalley were very pronounced, to my delight.

I was happy with their other items too, particularly a sliced grouper pao fan, which was garnished with not just crispy rice but also dried fish, in addition to firm cuts of fresh grouper. Now, admittedly I'd rather just go to Chao Ting, but the broth sang more brightly here, and I'd order it again. I'd really like to try their marinated crab too, if only I can plan far enough ahead to order it in advance.

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