Saturday, January 05, 2019

Pho 90 Degree in San Jose, California

Pho Tai Dap Chay

That may look like a bowl of meatless phở, but I assure you that it was quite the opposite. Indeed, this #15 bowl was labeled on the menu as the "chef's favorite," and it is easily one of the best things that I've eaten on this trip. It all came down to that little plate of meat in the corner, which admittedly looked rather sad when it first arrived, not to mention puzzling that they served it on the side.

But one quick taste of that meat and I was totally floored by how smoky and tasty it was. It tasted like an aged steak that had been thrown on the grill, or even the beef tacos at Carnitas' Snack Shack in San Diego. If an American steakhouse got together with a phở restaurant, this is what it would taste like. Totally awesome; I wanted to slam my fist on the table and yell "F*CK YEAH!"

Indeed, I may have just found my new favorite phở place (999 Story Road #9090, 408-993-9090). The broth wasn't necessarily better than the exalted Pho Y #1, but they have so many unique ingredients that you don't find at other places, like oxtail, veal, and others (they even have a thick noodle option). I'll pass on their signature grilled pork paste spring rolls next time though, as they were a tad sweet.

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