Monday, December 10, 2018

Pho Passion in San Jose, California

No Meat Pho

If that bowl above looks a bit odd, it's because it's missing meat. That was in part because I had gotten here just before they closed at 10 PM and there was no meat available. But it was also because I actually already had dinner, and was just craving some salty thin soup to line my belly after a good number of drinks. This place (301 East Santa Clara Street, 408-320-4425) was within stumbling distance.

Too bad then that the broth tasted like it came from an instant cube, even if the noodles were fine. I also grabbed some nước béo hành trần but it was hardly the tasty thing that I got the other day. And I didn't like the vinegar onions either, as I could hardly taste the vinegar nor the onion; it was just crunchy vegetable matter. Oh well. At least they were friendly, and the place was rather clean and modern.

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