Tuesday, May 08, 2018

King Noodle in Lawrence Square Shopping Center, Santa Clara


I had never heard of these guys until the other day when we went to Jang Su Sang next door. And upon looking at the menu, I realized that it was yet another Tung Kee-spinoff. It thus made for a great top-up after work today (3577 El Camino Real, 408-261-8188).

Naturally, I went for my favorite #2, which of course is based on the same numbering system as TK Noodle and Luu's. At first it looked encouraging as they brought out the lemon wedges separately from the bowl. But then I noticed that there was no basil: a huge penalty in my books.

Worse, the taste was unnecessarily spicy yet not deep enough. The texture of the beef was odd too, featuring overly tenderized cuts as well as some gristle. This was easily the worst of the three Tung Kee chains. I still like Luu the best by far, followed by TK Noodle. Then again, maybe the other menu items here fare better.

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JadedOne said...

Yeah... The entire TK chain is crap. Mostly only good for when you're really hungover and just need something cheap, fast and soupy. Then again, there are so much better options out there like pho.