Friday, February 09, 2018

The Hungry Caveman From China at Orchard Central, Singapore


When I saw a sign for this place at Orchard Central earlier in the week, I dismissed it, thinking that it was some paleo diet place. But afterwards I realized that it was a chuanr chain from China called Jianshi Mouge. I immediately put my Hokkaido Marche streak on hold and zoomed up to the 6th floor for this place instead (181 Orchard Road #06-25, 6634-8871).

The decor was rather tacky, but in the center of each table was a rectangular grill like at LDM, yet with a chain and gear mechanism that automatically rotated your skewers for you. They also gave you three plastic packets of peanut, dry chili, and chili sauce for you to use.

It's too bad then that the food wasn't anything to get me excited. Sure, the lamb was tender and with a decent amount of fat, but the seasoning skewed toward the sweet side, particularly those mushrooms above. Their "special fried noodles" were nothing special either, as it seemed to be just instant noodles. I'll stick to BBQ Box for my chuanr fixes instead.

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