Sunday, August 10, 2014

BBQ Box (Chuan Shao Gong Fang) in Singapore


A teammate of mine was talking about LDM in passing the other day, making comparisons to a place called BBQ Box. I had to stop her for a second to ask what BBQ Box was (was it the karaoke chain?). No, it was a yang rou chuanr place in Geylang that also has an outlet near Bugis (21 Tan Quee Lan Street, 6835-7456). Tonight, I had a chance to go down there to give it a try.

And yeah, I generally liked it. There was a big selection of items available, and the food came out quickly. There wasn't a roaster in the center of each table like LDM has, but in some ways that was a good thing, as I wolfed down my skewers and dumplings in no time. The chicken in particular was surprisingly tender, and everything was also less greasy and salty than this stuff usually is.

Even then, this stuff is hardly what one would call healthy (it's what I like to call "so nasty yet so good"), so I'm not exactly going to be much of a repeat customer. But if I had to choose a chuanr place, I would probably come here. Interestingly, they had little tableside boxes of raw garlic cloves still in their papery skin available for you chomp on as a condiment. I still got dragon breath even without touching those.

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