Saturday, January 13, 2018

Yomoda's Hot Yuba Tamago Toji Soba

Hot Yuba Tamago Toji Soba

I shouldn't have gotten that. Sure, I like yuba, but ultimately that clump on top overpowered everything else in the bowl, making the noodles boring and even difficult to eat. Next time I'm sticking to Yomoda's plain seiro, which is better and cheaper than both Shimbashi and Nadai Fujisoba Nihachi, all with the added benefit of being next door to Rang Mang Shokudo.

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ClearTear said...

Ya the carrot cake really nothing much, i won't queue for it. I love the black carrot cake beside tian tian lai fried hokkien mee.
will try the chicken noodles next time cos it never attract me to eat. I live toa payoh for so long!