Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan

Urine Mango Juice and Ice Cream

I'm a bit embarrassed to have come to this tourist trap. I was actually trying to find another one of those shaiziniu stalls, and Google Maps showed one here. But it was gone.. Still, right above that location was one of those infamous toilet restaurants that have been in Taiwan for some time now. The English signage was amusing enough, including things like "try our crap!" and the "Modern Toilet Turd Sub Sandwich." Out of both amusement and curiosity, I went upstairs, even though I knew I wouldn't like the food (108 Xining South Road Lane 50, 2311-8822).

Modern Toilet Poop Meatballs

It took some time to find some poo-shaped dishes in fact, as most of the menu featured straightforward things like hot pot and even pasta (to be honest, the look of those made me want to vomit even more). I tried to find the most offensive-looking things nonetheless, like the "Modern Toilet Poop Meatballs" above and the "Urine Mango Juice" served in a little porcelain urinal. I'll confess that the meatballs were tender enough that I finished the whole plate, but yeah, I wanted to puke afterwards. Good thing that I didn't get the "Bleeding Hemorrhoid Strawberry Milk" and "Taiwanese Urine Beer" too.

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