Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Huoyanniu Stall in Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan


After hearing about the new Taiwanese diced beef place that opened up at Plaza Singapura, I wondered to myself why I had never come across such a dish in Taiwan itself. So I asked around, and it turned out that it was available at night markets across town. So I hopped on over to Ximending where a couple of these Huoyanniu-branded stalls were around (the logo of which looks curiously similar to the "self-made brand" Huoyanshaiziniu in Singapore).


Yep, the guy had cubed shaiziniu beef on a grill, together with a blowtorch (Elon Musk would be proud). I got mine seasoned with simply rock salt, which went well with the impressively fatty cuts of meat that he used. But there was also quite a bit of gristle in there, making it tough to chew and giving my jaws quite a workout (hey, it was only NT$200 or US$7 after all). Still, it was a fun snack: basically diced steak in a box that you ate with a skewer while walking down the street.

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